How It Works


Process of getting your shed

  1. Talk with one of our salesperson about what kind of building a size you need.
  2. Pick the style and color of the shed you want sign contract and downpayment.
  3. Your order is processed and builders get started on building.
  4. At completion of building process, we will contact you to schedule a day and time for delivery that works with you.
  5. Building gets delivered and set up at which time remaining balance of shed is due unless you took advantage of our rent to own option.
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Delivery and Set Up

5 Star Structures teamed with owner Brandon Miller of Diamond B Logistics to deliver all of our sheds with professional drivers and with up-to-date rigs designed to deliver sheds, they get the job done.


We offer 50 miles free delivery from every lot location. Each driver is equipped with a mule and dollys to get each shed into your yard without having to put the truck and trailer into your yard. On delivery, drivers will level your shed.


5 Star Structures does ask that the customers have blocks on site for the drivers to use for leveling your building. We recommend to have a 3- to 5-inch gravel pad for your building to set on. For an additional fee, we can install a gravel pad for you.